CORR - The Jute Works

“Social and Trade Justice is the Basis of CJW
Maximizing benefit of artisans is its Aim”
CORR - The Jute Works


CORR – The Jute Works
Commenced in 1973 as a Fair Trade Trust, CORR-The Jute Works (CJW) has been steadfastly working to empower the down-trodden rural women of 32 Districts of Bangladesh by providing them with earnings opportunity through producing handicraft thus to live a life in dignity. CJW supports the artisans to improve their socio-economic condition by providing training on capacity building and awareness development; providing assistance in education, health, sanitation and Income generation capital. Not only do these activities generate income in remote areas, but it also restores deserved pride in old artisan traditions. At present about 201 cooperative groups with more than 5000 artisans are effectively working with CJW to change their status to be self-reliant.

CJW is a pioneer member of World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). CJW exported handicrafts to different foreign markets in favour of the poor and grassroots women artisans to ensure their fair wage which lead them to live in dignity. CJW ensures ‘Trade - not aid’ through its work. The artisans are organized in cooperative groups. They are fully autonomous in managing group affairs with the assistance of the Development Team and follow the cooperative principles. Artisans learn how to save a portion to their earning on a regular basis for future gainful investment. Since the artisans are the main concern of CJW, all its efforts and resources are gear to their needs and benefits.

CORR – The Jute Works is a Certified Fair Trade Organization under the WFTO Guarantee System.
Founded in1973
Business Size$100.000 - $2mio
Business StructureCo-operative
Employee BenefitsHealthcare, Childcare, Education, Other
Supported CausesEnabling dignified life for artisans and farmers, Rural employment, Women led, Up-cycling, Recycling, Refugees, Recovering victims of violence, Mentally or physically different abled, Majority women made, Indigenous
Membership StatusGuaranteed

Products &

Skills and TechniquesBasketry, Batik, Blockprinting, Embroidery, Hand loom, Kantha stitching, Organic agriculture, Pottery, Sewing, Weaving, Woodcarving
ServicesArtisan production, Full service manufacturing, Sourcing materials, Design / in house product development, Sampling, Dyeing, Printing, Custom design, Private label packaging
ProductsHome decor, Home textiles, Kitchen and dining, Garden and Outdoor, Games and Toys, Paper and cards, Gifts, Candles; Incense; oils, Other home and living, Womenswear, Menswear, Fashion accessories, Footwear, Fair Trade Tourism
Ratio Hand-Made / Machine-Made85:15
Packaging and Labellinglightweight packaging, eco packaging
Typical Lead Time60/90 days
Shipping MethodsSea
Minimum Order Quantities or Values20 feet container
Countries we export toEU, North America, Aus-NZ, Asia, Africa
Maximum order sizeOpen end

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